We learn language through culture, and culture through language!

The International Ukrainian School Step to Ukraine invites you to discover traditional and contemporary Ukraine.

On our ‘Step to Ukraine’ online course:

  • We invite famous Ukrainians from various professions to meet and discuss their success and life experiences (twice a week).

  • We stay updated on the latest news about art by watching movies, theatrical plays, and concerts.
  • We embark on virtual tours of museums, theaters, galleries, and workshops.

On our ‘Step to Ukraine’ offline course:

  • We explore Lviv and travel to other fascinating old cities in Ukraine.
  • We get to know contemporary Ukrainian professionals (politicians, designers, doctors, artists, actors, poets, directors, and musicians) at their offices, galleries, studios, or workshops.

  • We go to the cinema/theater and attend concerts, exhibitions, museums, and fairs.
  • We take part in workshops on traditional Ukrainian cuisine, playing musical instruments, traditional dances, songs, and toy crafting, and participate in quests.
  • We chat over coffee and snacks during the tasting.