Gain maximum information in minimal time!

  • 14 days of intensive studies.
  • Small groups (up to 4 persons online or 7 offline) at A1-C2 levels.
  • Daily classes and language activities with Ukrainian native speakers (2.5 hours online / 5.5 hours offline).
  • Ukrainian-speaking environment.

Individual approach

  • Innovative teaching techniques.
  • High-quality Ukrainian textbooks tested by students from all over the world.
  • Our certified educators are Ukrainian native speakers with creative approaches to teaching.

We say ‘Yes!’ to your dreams and needs by developing your skills!

  • speaking
  • understanding
  • reading
  • listening
  • writing

Let’s break the language barrier together!

We offer

  • Language skills to help you to be better integrated into a Ukrainian-speaking environment.
  • Interactive and funny linguistic games for effective study.
  • Discussion clubs featuring prominent Ukrainian individuals.
  • Language practice covering a variety of topics.
  • An opportunity to create and present your projects.
  • Individualized and group language learning sessions.

You will discover the culture and traditions of modern Ukraine.